Friday, February 13, 2009

Touring Lima

We spent about four hours on a very informative tour of the major areas and historical sites of Lima yesterday afternoon. Our personable and well informed guide led us around this city of eight million plus souls while slightly overloading our tired brains with lots of unfamiliar names and bits and pieces of Peruvian history. We continue to be amazed at how clean and tidy the city is, how well the traffic moves and see a pride of ownership in private homes and cars. Of course, we keep comparing it to our last overseas destination, India, and it is giving us another perspective on India and its “condition.”

This afternoon we will board a bus for the seven hour ride to Nazca to position ourselves for the flight over the Nazca Lines tomorrow morning.


  1. How civilized! A guide who is informed AND speaks English. And did you say ¨clean¨? How this doesn´t turn you two into a pair of pansies!
    Ross & Jean

  2. Sounds like you are enjoying yourselves. What a juxtoposition of countries and being a volunteer back to back to being an expat. You look well and happy- ENJOY!!!