Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hanging in Aguas


Since we had a good day in Machu Picchu yesterday, this back-up day became one to spend as we wished; we just had to be on the 1555 train to begin our trip back to Cuzco.

The new and impressive Museo de Sitio Manuel Chavez Ballon is about 2km out of town along the road to the ruins so we hoofed it after breakfast in the hotel. Being on foot let us appreciate the deep valley we were in and gave us a chance to hear the roaring river and the birds singing. The museum is small, but very well done and definitely worth the time we spend to visit it. There is also a small botanical garden there populated with many varieties of orchids and other tropical flowers.

We returned to the Indio Feliz for a very nice lunch before walking to the train station. Our train this time consisted of only one Vistadome car and as before it was completely full. After our light lunch, the music started on the PA system and we were entertained by a masked dancer with his “pet” llama. After he was finished we were treated to a fashion show by the remaining staff; it was all very entertaining and helped the time on the train pass quickly.

At one point as were rolling along, there were some young boys standing by the side of the tracks with a water hose going full-tilt. Any open window attracted the water and we were soon wiping the wayward drops from our glasses.

By the time we reached Cuzco on the bus it was dark and the lights of the city up and down the mountain sides were quite impressive. None of us felt like eating, so RA and Jeanne did their final Cuzco shopping and we packed up in anticipation of our 0545 pick-up to go the airport. All day in Lima tomorrow and then our Passage will have come to an end.

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