Saturday, February 28, 2009

Leaving Lima


Thankfully the hotel began breakfast service at 0500 so we could put something in our stomachs before our 0545 pick-up for the flight to Lima. We did get the mini-hoagie ham and cheese sandwich that we’ve had previously on flights, bus trips, and train journeys.

We found lockers at the airport in Lima, stashed our luggage and took a cab to a fabric shop that RA and Jeanne had scouted out. After the shop, we took a leisurely stroll to the cliffs/parks in Miraflores overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The fog still hanging over the coast line was welcome as the temps were rapidly heading to 90+.

After a nice lunch at one of the cliff top restaurants, we decided to head back to the airport and find a comfortable place to relax until our 2350 flight to Miami. We camped out in the food court for about three hours, retrieved our luggage, and then did an early check-in with American for the flight home.

The plane left shortly after midnight and we were in Miami about 0530. We didn’t get a lot of sleep as the hot meal served shortly after take-off along with the movie kept us up until about 0330. We caught the 0700 shuttle from the hotel and we were back to our car a few minutes later. The trip was over and parts of it seemed like a dream as it happened so fast in such a short span of time.

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