Wednesday, February 11, 2009

All Together Now............

Gray arrived about 2300 last night so the group is now assembled and the Passage is about to begin. We’ve met other travelers who also arrived in Miami a day early in order catch a flight that leaves in the middle of the night; our flight leaves at 2330 this evening. We are leaving our car here in the La Quinta Hotel parking lot (we are allowed fourteen days parking with a stay at the hotel) while we are gone. Jeanne and Gray moved into our room (ala Delhi) this morning before we jumped into the car and headed for South Beach. After dragging Ocean Drive in both directions we parked the car in the vegetation covered (i.e. camouflaged) parking ramp and explored the art deco area of Miami on foot. After a nice lunch (sitting outside!) at The News Café we drove back to the hotel and are now cooling our heels until we catch the hotel shuttle to the airport about 2030. You’ll next hear from us from the land of the Incas…………..

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